Superintendent Construction/Pengawas Konstruksi di Ruc Cementation Indonesia

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    383 – Lowongan kerja di Ruc Cementation Indonesia

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 Tentang Perusahaan

Established in 1990 as a shaft sinking and raise drilling specialist, we have grown into a business operating in 5 countries, where we have partnered with some of the biggest names in the mining industry across the full range of their underground development and production requirements. With our extensive fleet of modern equipment and a highly experienced and qualified team of mining professionals, the company has gained a reputation for successfully tackling the most complex and challenging assignments. RUC Mining, a Western Australian based Underground Mining contractor, has a purpose built head office complex located in West Kalgoorlie, which includes administration offices, maintenance workshops, a safety and training centre as well as a manufacturing and fabrication/welding shop. Part of the global Murray & Roberts group, RUC Mining is a confident and steadfast partner, committed to innovation in designing ever safer working practices and more efficient development and production techniques. Operating in locations from the remote to the highly urbanised, the company seeks to maximise the engagement of local workers, whilst maintaining world’s best practices. InCycle Shotcrete Pty Ltd (ICS) is a proud member of the RUC Mining group. Through ICS we are able to provide in-house remote high quality shotcrete and concrete products for raise drilling, shaft sinking, construction and development projects. We have an experienced professional team of Managers, Supervisors and Maintenance personnel who provide assistance and expertise to our associated Companies as well as our own international projects Safety Safety forms the foundation of our company ethos and through our safety, training policies and procedures RUC Mining makes every endeavour to ensure that our employees operate in a safe and productive environment. We operate under the philosophy that “if it can’t be done safely, it won’t be done at all”. We strive to ensure an injury free work environment for our employees, contractors, visitors and stakeholders. We take pride in our safety record, which sits amongst the best in the industry and consistently exceeds that of our competitors. Through an active “top down” and “bottom up” approach we ensure that health and safety is paramount in all our decisions. RUC Mining has an Occupational Health, Safety and Training (OHS&T) Management Plan which has been developed to unsure a uniform and effective standard for safety management is applied across our organisation. This OHS&T Management System has been aligned with Australian Standards AS/NZS 4804 and AS/NZS 4801, as well as OHSAS 18001. The OHS&T Management Plan has five main elements: Policy and Commitment Planning Implementation Measurement and Evaluation Management Review Each element is then supported by procedures, guidelines, checklists and forms that give clear direction to the user in how to best manage the particular item. The Occupational Health, Safety and Training (OHS&T) Management Plan is further supported by the HIRA Document and the Site Activity Compliance Implementation Schedule which sets measurement targets of the system requirements and identifies persons responsible to ensure those targets are obtained. This process is a key deliverable of the OHS&T Management Plan. It is from the Site Activity Compliance Implementation Schedule that RUC Mining staff will be able to audit themselves to ensure all aspects of the safety management plan are being achieved and review the overall performance of the operation with regard to OHS&T compliance. The OHS&T Management Plan and the Site Activity Compliance Implementation Schedule are ‘living documents’ and as such are subject to change, if required, to ensure targets are still relevant. The process of continual improvement is based on meeting OHS standards by implementing procedures, training, inspections and audits to identify and correcting non conformances. Through the commitment and the efforts of our employees, RUC Mining has shown a consistent improvement in our safety performance over the last five years

Saat ini Ruc Cementation Indonesia sedang membuka kesempatan bagi para pencari kerja untuk bekerja bersama kami dengan posisi yang dibutuhkan sebagai Superintendent Construction/Pengawas Konstruksi

 Ringkasan Pekerjaan

Pendidikan :  Min S1
 Gender :  Laki-laki
 Umur :  30-47 Tahun
 Pengalaman :  Min 5 Tahun
 Status Kerja :  Kontrak
 Salary    :  42-45 Juta
 Batas Apply   :  31 Januari 2023
Alamat  :  Tembagapura, Tembagapura, Kab. Mimika, Papua, Indonesia

 Deskripsi & Kualifikasi

  • S1 Teknik Pertambangan
  • Memiliki Sertifikat POM
  • Memiliki pengalaman Minimal 5 Tahun di posisi Pengawas / Superintendent
  • Memiliki kemampuan adaptasi bekerja di lingkungan Multibudaya
  • Memiliki Pengetahuan Teknik Sipil,Teknik Baja,Teknik Listrik dan Teknik Mekanika
  • Memiliki Pengalaman di Project Manajemen

Superintendent Construction/Pengawas Konstruksi

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Kami adalah Perusahaan Penyedia Jasa Tambang Bawah Tanah (Underground) di site PT Freeport Indonesia Tembagapura Papua,

Kami sedang mencari Kandidat terbaik untuk posisi sebagai Superintendent Construction / Pengawas Konstruksi dengan pengalaman kerja sekurang-kurangnya 5 Tahun di posisi yang sama dan menjadi nilai tambah jika pernah bekerja di Area Tambang.

Job Summary Construction Superintendent

  • Bertanggung jawab dan memastikan terhadap Proyek Konstruksi sesuai rencana dan Efektif secara Perspektif Saat ini maupun yang akan dating.
  • Mengelola dan Menggunakan Sumber Daya Logistik secara optimal serta mencapai target operasional tepat waktu sesuai standar dan kualitas
  • Sanggup Mengelola Proyek Resiko Tinggi dengan memastikan Semua Proses Operasional dan Logistik memenuhi Syarat Spesifikasi dan Keselamatan
  • Proaktif dalam mengindentifikasi Resiko dan Menyampaikan hal tersebut kepada Klien untuk Tindakan preventif demi terhindar dari Kecelakaan Kerja

Duties and responsibilities

  • Mampu memberikan contoh yang baik
  • Management Logistik
  • Management Resiko
  • Management keselamatan
  • Management keuangan & Budget
  • Management Analisis

Ruc Cementation Indonesia
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Job Location
Tembagapura, Tembagapura, Kab. Mimika, Papua, Indonesia
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Perhatian – Dalam proses rekrutmen, perusahaan yang resmi tidak pernah menarik biaya dari kandidat. Jika ada perusahaan yang menarik biaya wawancara, tes, reservasi tiket, dsb lebih baik dihindari karena ada indikasi penipuan. Jangan mentransfer pembayaran apapun ketika melamar kerja.


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Superintendent Construction/Pengawas Konstruksi di Ruc Cementation Indonesia

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