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jobindo.com not only strive to provide a quality service expectations of users, but we also provide a safe and secure experience. The information transmitted remains private and only used by the company as an evaluation and is used by the Job Seeker to apply online. Such information will not be given to third parties.

Here is our Privacy Policy:

  1. The information entered for job openings and resumes will be displayed as is, and is not edited by jobindo.com. Please review what information is required and what information can be viewed by visitors jobindo.com.
  2. Unless you use the facilities blocking certain companies from viewing your resume, a resume will be viewable by all companies and individuals, when doing a search.
  3. When Seekers Career apply online, your first name and your phone number will be shown to the company that you are applying.
  4. By the time your resume first appeared as a search result, first name and phone number will not be displayed. But if the company or individual to search and send emails from the resume link, first name and phone number will be displayed immediately.
  5. We recommend to keep your passwords. We will never ask for your password by phone or email and will not give your password to any third party.
  6. jobindo.com your account is protected by a password. That is, only you have access to your account, and only you can change any information entered through your account.
  7. Once you have finished using jobindo.com, do not forget to logout. This is to ensure that no others can not access your account, especially if the computer is used together or if you are using a computer in a public place like a library or cafe / internet cafes.
  8. Cookies are pieces of information transferred from the website to your computer's hard disk for data storage. Cookies provide benefits to the site in some way by storing information about your preferences when visiting a site. Many prominent sites that use cookies to provide useful features for their customers benefit. Cookies can identify your computer, but can not recognize your identity. Most browsers accept cookies, your browser records have been set in advance. If your browser does not accept cookies, then you are not going to be able to access to our site.
  9. If someday we should change our Privacy Policy, we will include them here so that users can know what information we collect and how we use that information. Your personal data will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. If, at any time you want to ask questions or provide comments about our Privacy Policy, you may contact us via email [email protected] or call +62 21 70949944 and talk directly with one of our staff.

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